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Entrepreneurship – From the Eyes of Inbound Marketing6 minutes read

Uncertainties bring evolvement and the risk taking abilities change the viewpoint of the world. Entrepreneurship is ONE SUCH THING which involves both. It brings such great things into prospects which were never thought before along with the opportunity to deal diligently with the same. “Turning Out to Sweet Sixteen” i.e. 2016 offers new opportunities for the beginners as well as the professionals trying to upgrade their scheme of things.  Synchronization & Innovation with an ability to sustain and grow is the NEW MANTRA (Hymn) that would dominate the future belongings of Entrepreneurship. Here is the “things to do” list that would be needed to go with the flow.

#1. Get noticed:

For any new business, the most important thing is to classify its customers and get noticed by them. Inbound marketing provides the perfect and optimum platform on which the ideas and the innovations get deserved attention. It is the technique that is needed to get found by the buyers. Also, it emphasizes on the blogs and the segments cover all the reviews about what the organization is doing.

It helps the vendors to re-analyze their strategies, optimize their resources to find the buyers by using search engines, blogs, reviews, and social media platforms. For keeping the consumers engaged, inbound marketing also thrives upon “tickling the funny bone” i.e explore the H.Q (humor quotient) through n number of videos, one-liners, and catchy quotes. Notice of your prospects is carried out by using Google, Social Media, and Blogs.

#2. Awesomeness of Content:

The content should be kept fresh. It does not include any plagiarized things or functions. Highlighting Keywords and mentioning them as and when required is the most important thing which carries out the reader’s attention to the point which we want to emphasize while the reader is reading. It should have data and analysis for keeping the reader engaged for a long time without getting bored. Make the content remarkable!! Because when the readers would post comments on your content, it would automatically become a kind of viral and would ultimately spread the word to the other readers which would help you to broaden your reach.

Try to avoid making such blogs which are meant precisely to sell a product. But it may include facts and details which a consumer needs to know about the product. The frequency of publishing the blog should be based on the popularity of it. Try to increase the frequency of publishing to engage more users which would help in generating more links.

An interesting thing about marketing department that focuses on Inbound Marketing: it will place a high value on people that know how to write and develop content that draws in an audience.

#3. Exploring New Horizons:

If you have a great content you will always thrive to explore a new business destination for a limited period of time. In the last couple of years, we have seen some powerful new tools that have emerged to help with this process in the social media space. Get the accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and join in the conversation. Start by listening. Watch what people are talking about in your topic areas, and take note of their interests. Once you have an idea of how the conversation works join in. Be careful not to take a sales stance to promote your products, as that will rapidly lose you your audience. However, you can draw your audience in with short URLs (see that link to your blog posts and other non-sales oriented content.

#4. To the world of hashtags (Social Media):

Social media helps the inbound market to attract, connect, engage and delight. These four words are related to different levels of hierarchy which would be beneficial enough so the problem of getting stuck at one point can be avoided.

  • Attract:
    By writing blogs on social media, the strangers or the laymen who are not aware of the product will get in-depth analysis in more attractive and widely connected manner. In blogs, we can use the specific keywords, important page links and pages that would directly help the customers to visit the site without any complexity
  • Connect:
    After the initial process of attracting the consumer, the main emphasis of social media is to maintain the connection with them. It can be kept by keeping call-to-action link on the blog that would steadily direct the user to the destined link. It also helps in forming contacts and by publishing forms; the consumers will get to know about the policy of the company and keeps them readily updated.
  • Engage:
    Converting the visitors to leads by keeping them connected is the process done. Now for keeping them engaged, a steady process has to be maintained. That is Emails, workflows, lead scoring and CRM integrations.
    The lead scoring technique will give the organizer an idea as to how to approach a lead and keeping them engaged according to the priority of the product they require. Also by CRM integrations, the relationship with the consumers can be managed in a more efficient manner.
  • Delight:
    After sales services are the most important criteria in Inbound sales through social media. Reverting back to customers’ problems, keeping them updated about their services and maintaining, following the proper flow of information from the source to destination gives the utmost pleasure to the customer and thus helps in retaining them for a longer time and also acquiring new consumers.

#5. Going Free:

In the cut-throat competition in the market, going free for entrepreneurship regarding inbound sales is the most important thing. Supplying our new users/ customers with free trials provides us with better prospects for good enhancement. The marketing can be done by doing various email campaigns, webinars, youtube videos etc., thus reaching more number of people in less time.

Highlighting the special attributes of the product helps the company to provide the users with the best differentiation from its competitors. Well, saying the truth, it’s the worst but the most powerful motivator.

Analyse in a better way!! What would be more beneficial: building similar perspective either by providing free trials or by keeping a price on them?

The best suggestion is to keep it free for some days so that the user may get acquainted with the best features of the product and would make his mind go for PAID Version.

Inbound Marketing do more proactive and precise work than Traditional Marketing. It’s more synchronized thus avoids the fuss and helps in better alignment to the vendors. Entrepreneurs get more productivity and better reach to their prospects or the customers. For new businesses or start-ups, inbound sales come as a “boon” so that the initial hiccups can be avoided. Better database and records can be maintained and the tedious paperwork can be avoided. Thus doing a “faceless” business is more cost effective and well-mannered and the flow of information or products is not hampered or stopped at any point in time.

By Piyush Patel

Piyush is the Co-founder and CTO of SalesHandy- A Data Analytics and Communication tool. He has expertise in Product Development and User Experience Design. He also writes about Technology.

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