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Follow these Website Optimisation Techniques to Increase Business Leads

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In current day business scenario, creation and maintenance of a website is must for any organization. It is your organization’s online identity and can serve as your primary source of business leads. It can help your prospects to learn about your product and also your business philosophy. Once a person starts chalking out plans of starting a company, the first thought that comes to his mind is of getting a website designed.

Below are the various website optimization rules that can be a driving force in enhancing the number of business leads for your organization.

1.  Add Pop Ups (but don’t make it irritating)

A website that is interactive is able to connect with visitor more effectively and can hold them for more than 5 minutes.

Adding pop-ups will help you get more signups from your website & blog visitors. This acts as a man standing beside the Hot Dog Van calling out the audience passing by. Even those who are thinking of exiting your website will give staying back a thought, thinking you have something or the other of their purpose. The different types of pop up you can use are- 

  • Scroll popups – Imagine, you opened a website and a pop-up appears as soon as the page opens. More often than not it interferes with your experience. The same might happens with your website visitors. Scroll popups come up only when the visitor scrolls down on your page, that means, he has read some part of the page. It is shown only when the visitors intent to know more is established. This means it doesn’t interfare with the users experience. This basic website optimization rule, if followed, will help you increase business lead steadily.
  • Popups that appear after a website is visited a certain numbers of times – Customize your popup in such a manner that it appears only after the visitor has visited the website couple of times.  The upcoming pop ups are now welcome as it can provide the user with the details he/she is not able to find even after multiple visits. 
  • Time delay popup –  Your website should not have pop up as soon as the visitor lands on the website. It is advisable that your popup message comes up only after the visitor has spent sometime on your website. This practice of displaying pop up after few minutes of the website being opened, will captivate your visitor’s attention and is called time delay pop up.
  • Exit intent popups – It is a popup displayed just when it is sensed that the visitor intends to exit the website. It is done with the use of Javascript and web browser.
exit intent popup

A special offer or a opt-in form popping up serves a driving force for the visitor to stay back on your website.

2. Decisions regarding “Goals” should be given preference

Considering the end goal of the website is of utmost importance, the website owner has to decide the objectives he/she aims to reach with the website. Most of the time these objective (also called goal) is lead / inquiry submission. Some websites aim at collecting email address and creating a subscribers list. (Here is an article an article to increase the open rate of your email your business leads.) 

There can be other end goals like-

  • Signing up for the product
  • Getting a click on the advertisement banners on your site
  • Making a payment & purchasing the product
  • Getting a call from visitor

Deciding an end goal helps finalize call to action text and the conversation pattern of the website for the visitor.       

3. Optimize Call-To-Actions

For us at SalesHandy, the objective of the website is it to make our visitors sign up for the product. Hence, the Call to action [CTA] for this site is – Sign ups (by the way, if you want to increase your sales team productivity you can sing up on SalesHandy here) . We try and place the CTA over the website, to make it easier for our visitor to take action with respect to the CTA.  Some of the ways to optimise Call to Action are:

  • Optimizing button color, shape and size- Choosing the right color and size helps garner the required attention for your CTA buttons. You can make it colorful.  Moreover, colors like white, grey and black should be avoided. It should be standing out from background and should not clash with it.
  • Though these buttons are mostly of rectangular shape with sharp edges, it is advised to make it rounded corners or circular. The CTA buttons should be considerably sized. If it is too small, it goes unnoticed and is difficult to click; large buttons are also not advised as it is spoils user experience.
  • Visibility & Accessibility of CTA – CTAs should be made easily visible, should not to go unnoticed, or be eye straining. It should be easily accessible, making its usage a cherished experience.

4. Rapid & Effortless Lead Details Capturing

There are a couple of points to be followed which results in making leads details capturing rapid and effortless. 

  • The lead capturing form should be small & easy. The smaller the better.  
  • Signing up should be made easy, avoiding irrelevant questioning. If these questions can be asked at a later stage, do so.  
  • A single field sign up, is recommended. Just an email id and the visitor is taken in.
Crazy Egg
User only has to enter Email Address

5. Instant Chat Options enhances visitor’s trust

Instant Chat Options

Instant chatting tools will give the feel of liveliness of your website. It helps the visitors to connect with you and your company. In case of any confusion regarding the products or the company undertakings, the visitor can start a conversation and get it resolved it quickly. It helps to create company’s goodwill, giving an idea that the company and website is not fake. It helps to grab visitors confidence, leaving an impression that your company is really trying to deliver some value. You can find a couple of chat applications here.

6. Flaunt phone numbers

This will increase the credibility of the website, as well as, helps in capturing good quality leads. Any inbound call (lead) is which you generate from your website is of the highest quality.

Flaunt phone numbers

7. Easy navigation is of utmost importance

Easy navigation on website will generate a flawless user experience and can make the visitor spend more time on your website. This results in higher chances of goal completion. It makes website visit a joy rather than a pain for the visitors.

8. Aim at building greater credibility & trustworthiness

Websites have to be designed to build credibility and trustworthiness among visitors.

  • It helps in converting prospects into repetitive customers. Adding testimonials with photographs will increase credibility & trustworthiness of your organisation and hence result in more business leads.
  • Video, blending with the website, acts as a positive catalyst 
  • Reveal your company’s goodwill, by providing number of users and big brands associated with your product or service.
zenfit 2 (7500
Displaying Testimonials
zenfits review
Showcasing Review

Proper A / B  testing serves as key to making near perfect website

After doing all the aforementioned things, all you need to do is A/B testing. If A work for X type of website, then not necessarily the same will work for Y type of website. So, every website owner has to keep doing A/B test and find which one option works better for their website.

Elements worth paying attention are,

  • Color  –  Websites for products dealing with children should be made colorful, whereas, for adults  sophisticated color combination works better.
  • Object Size – Depending on the product the website deals in, the image size to be used on the website should be decided. Example, for websites dealing in furniture the image size can be large. But, when dealing with grocery products it needs to be small.
  • Text size – In websites related to elderly, the text size should be larger, for easy readability. In websites built for younger generation  font size can be comparitively smaller.
  • Text Style – For products related to art, experiments can be done on text style, making it more artistic. For products related to the corporate sector, make it look official and sophisticated.
  • Product Position – It also plays a vital role. If designing a website for grocery products, make sure the basic commodities (say rice, wheat) are placed before the luxurious ones. (say ketchup, cheese, jam).
  • Written content / text – Drafting of content and text also varies according to the product and age, occupation and needs of visitors. For example, making a greeting cards website artistic will attract more visitors and will result in more business leads.

After lead generation it is also important to close them. Here is an article by our team which will help you decrease lead response time.

Do let me know which of the above basic website optimization rules helped you fetch multiplicity in business leads.

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